Opinion UK Dance Championships 2019

UK Dance Championships 2019 Unfortunately I was not able to attend the UK Championships this year due to a personal situation but I have to thank DSI for their streaming so I could still be

Carolyn Smith On Feb 28, 2019

Welcoming Jurij Batagelj

The WDC Education Department welcomes Jurij Batagelj as its new Committee Member dancer, choreographer, director, screenwriter, teacher and former latin-american competitor Jurij started his competitive dance career in 1992. In 1997 he was already world

WDC Education Department On Oct 29, 2018

Development of Quality – Walter Laird Lecture

All dancers should listen to every word of this lecture:

Vibeke Toft On Jun 23, 2018

WDC ED New Current Affairs Correspondent

Scottish Nationals, British Closed Championships, a finalist for years in the circuit Grand Slam dance (Wolds, European, UK, Blackpool Open, International). “Dance is life and joy! and I can not live without it. For 54 years, I  breath every

WDC Education Department On May 18, 2018
WDC Education Department

Welcoming Charlotte Jorgensen

The WDC Education department is proud to announce that Legendary Ballroom expert Charlotte Jorgensen will join the department in our efforts to inspire, stimulate and

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Martha Harper

Fear or Forward?

Failure or Forward? Most of us strive to be 1st; we will settle for nothing less. The reality is that for you to be first

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WDC Education Department

Tips from the Giants – Melia

[section label=”Videos” anchor=”videos”] [section label=”Transcript” anchor=”transcript”] One piece of info that your teacher told you that made a difference on your dance career:   I

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WDC Education Department

Tips from the Giants – Meryem Pearson

[section label=”Videos” anchor=”videos”] [section label=”Transcript” anchor=”transcript”] How to deal with bad results and disappointment: If you are going to get yourself involved in any sort

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