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Allan Tornsberg

World Professional Show-Dance Champion, World & European Amateur Latin Champion, Over 35 years of Dance experience, today known to be one of the best Teachers and Choreographers in the world. Also recognized and well respected international adjudicator at major competitions as well as been a judge in the Danish version of the television program “Dancing with the stars”.

In Search of Excellence - Artistry
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In Search of Excellence – Artistry

[section label=”What is Art” anchor=”art”] What is Art? In today’s world, with all the media present, the word art is being manipulated and abused. We all know this, but still,...

April 21, 2016
Artistry, Philosophy


Unfortunately the word authenticity has somewhat become almost a cliche in today’s dance world. Perhaps a word we have used without fully understanding the deeper meaning of, and therefore are...

February 27, 2012