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Anna Malitowska, PhD, lecturer in the Institute of Philosophy, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (Poland). Her research focuses on professional ethics, applied ethics, business ethics, philosophy of education, innovative philosophical teaching methods, and moral development theory. Anna works also as a freelance consultant in the field of CSR, PR, and communications

Ethics and Adjudication
Adjudicating, Philosophy

Ethics and Adjudication

An ethicist’s view Contrary to the erroneous but popular opinion it is not an ethicist’s task to moralize. An ethicist is not a moralist, or, at least, that is not...

April 08, 2013
Dancers' Professional Ethics
Philosophy, Psychology

Dancers’ Professional Ethics

Professional ethics comes into view when we start to ponder about the principles of working in a certain profession, when we realize that society has some specific expectations regarding the...

August 13, 2012