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Born 27. April 1946 in Lueneburg Germany . 2 children. Doughter of Gerd and Traute Haedrich. Inventor of the World Dance Program. First Professional Competitions in 1962 last Competitions 1973 in Ballroom and Latin with Wolfgang Opitz. World Professional Latin-American Champions 1972 in the Royal Albert Hall in London. Together with husband Bernd Hoermann owner of 2 Dance Schools in Hamburg-Harburg Germany. Since 1982 instructor and examiner for the ADTV. Honorary member of ADTV. Adjudicator in Ballroom and Latin for the DPV and WDC.

The German Belief
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The German Belief

In general Germans are believed to be strong, tall, blond, always on time, neat and love to drink German beer… With the following 10 headings I will try to explain...

November 22, 2014