Author: Leonid Pletnev


Technolophile Culture as a Deprivation Factor

Dance culture is a part of human culture. At all times the ability to dance has been considered a must for high society, cultured men. Today, humans have become more and more isolated from the real world because of involvement with computers and the virtual world. How they impoverish themselves, those who engage heavily in virtual space! How many unique experiences and opportunities they deny themselves! There are many unsolved controversies happening which are not creating new knowledge or enriching nature.

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Adjudicator’s issues

From  Leonid Pletnev  I made up my mind to write this series dictated by time, according to my own convictions of the necessity to express my

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Blackpool, the dance Mecca.

By Leonid Pletnev “Dear friend! This time I’m writing to you from Blackpool — the dance Mecca, the sacred place for every dancer…” That was

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