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Frederic Havez

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Frederic is a native of France and has lived all around the world, dedicating his life to dance for the last 20 years and got to train with some of the most renowned names in the industry: Ute Streicher, Jurgen Neudeck, Holger Nitshe, Allan Torsnberg and Vibeke Toft. With various partners he has garnered multiple achievements including French League Youth Champion, Irish Nationals finalist in 2001 and 2002, Irish representative to the European Championship in 2002, Swiss Nationals finalist from 2003 to 2005, Swiss representative to the European Championship in 2005. He moved to the US in 2006 where he continued a successful professional career with dance partners Lauren Schelfhaudt and Genevieve Cuevas.
Frederic is also the CEO of FHConcept – Agency that designed beautiful websites, many for the dance industry- and creator of DanceComp Mobile App, the first and best mobile application for Competitive Ballroom Dancers.

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