Leonid Pletnev



Leonid Pletnev

Full Bio

Born on 02.10.1961, Sumy, Ukraine, USSR.
High education – engeneer-architect (Kharkiv State University of Building and Architecture)
Music education – accordion, piano, guitar, drums
Competitive dance career during 1969-1996

Dance teacher, coach, choreographer, trainer of many World, Blackpool, international and national Champions
Two times Russian Professional Grand Prix champion
Two times WDC World Cup Professional finalist
Semifinalist of the WDC World and European Professional Championships
At 1989-1996 the representative of Soviet Union and Russia at the IDSF & WDC World & European Championships.

Honorary International Dance Union (IDU) President

Russian Dance Union (RDU) Competitive Dance Committee Chairman, presidium member

Adjudicator at all major dance Championships: World, European, Asian, USDC, UK, International, Imperial Open Championships, Blackpool Dance Festival, as well as German, Italian, French, Dutch, Ukrainian, Singapore, etc. Open Championships.

RDU «Honorary Master of dance» title holder

RDU «The acknowledgement” Awards recipient in following nominations: «The star of a dancesport», «Organization of teaching process», «Press activity», «Methodical teaching materials», «For extraordinary contribution to development of dancing in Russia»

Author and producer of the very first in the world «Line of dance» video teaching project in Russian language

Publisher, author of book «With Reverence… About life in dancing and dancing in life», dance critic, correspondent and reporter for many dance editions («Dance News», «Dance Beat», «Dance Fan», «Professional», BestDanceTribune.Com, Dancesport.RU, etc…).

Organizer of «Star Parade» Gala-dinner Show in Moscow (Russia)

Organizer of RDU Congresses and «Reverence Congresses» in Moscow (Russia)

President of Dance System «REVERENCE»

Lecturer at the WDC World Congresses, etc…

Lecturer at the Moscow State University

MC and Chief Choreographer on Russian and Moscow Balls, in Vienna (Austria), Rome (Italy), Biarritz (France), Montreaux (Switzerland), London (Royal Albert Hall, England).

Adjudicator at «Dancing with the stars» TV show (Ukraine)

Member of WDC Educational Department