Mind, Body & Soul: Quantum Dancing by Damir Karaman

Quantum Dancing SPIRITUAL APPROACH TO AUTHENTIC SELF-EXPRESSION Personal Experience Becoming a great dancer is not an easy thing to do. Achieving extraordinary performance is something that every growth oriented individual strive for, dancer or not.

WDC Education Department On Jan 07, 2017

Mind, Body & Soul: Spinal Engine Part II – Myofascial Meridians

[section label=”Webinar” anchor=”webinar”] Click on the “Save my Spot” Button below to reserve a spot to Armin’s LIVE Session! [section label=”Core Concept” anchor=”concept”] Core Concepts of The Spinal Engine Coupled Motion Energy Cycle Summary of

Armin Kappacher On Nov 22, 2016

Mind, Body & Soul: Cuban Culture – Back to the Roots by Ana Llorente

[section label=”Webinar” anchor=”webinar”] Click on the “Save my Spot” Button below to reserve a spot to Ana Llorente’s LIVE Session! [section label=”Back to the Roots” anchor=”roots”] Back to the Roots The encounter with the Ballroom

WDC Education Department On Nov 05, 2016

Mind, Body & Soul: A Webinar Series by the WDCED

The WDC Education Department is proud to introduce three fantastic lectures that will touch the subjects of the mind, the body and the soul. Sign up now for their webinars: a one hour LIVE session

WDC Education Department On Nov 05, 2016

Dance Master Pilot Program

Project Dance Masters Education Program In 2012 Dance Masters started their new education to become a dance teacher in Holland as a pilot project also

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Vibeke Toft

The Congress Tour 2015

[blockquote] Dear Friends and Colleagues, The WDC Education Department strives towards maintaining an interest in sustaining, developing and growing our beautiful dance form. We feel

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WDC Education Department

The Australian Dancing

by Philip Nicholas It is a great pleasure to be asked to write a short history of Australian dancing and what was always talked about

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Fred Bijster

The Adrenaline Boost

“Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)” is a song composed by Irving Berlin for the 1946 Broadway musical, “Annie Get Your Gun”. During

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Fred Bijster

The Dutch Chi

Everybody will at a certain time be curious about his of her roots and try to connect it to his or her personality, national identity

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Evelyn Hädrich-Hörmann

The German Belief

In general Germans are believed to be strong, tall, blond, always on time, neat and love to drink German beer… With the following 10 headings

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Ralph Lepehne

The Cuban Motion

Cuban Motion: The “ figure 8 “ pattern. Cuban Motion is a movement where the pelvic bone moves sideways in a pendulum movement, for then

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