Tips from the Giants – Melia

[section label=”Videos” anchor=”videos”] [section label=”Transcript” anchor=”transcript”] One piece of info that your teacher told you that made a difference on your dance career:   I think it is a very difficult question, as we as

WDC Education Department On May 21, 2016

Tips from the Giants – Meryem Pearson

[section label=”Videos” anchor=”videos”] [section label=”Transcript” anchor=”transcript”] How to deal with bad results and disappointment: If you are going to get yourself involved in any sort of competition, you have to be able to face the

WDC Education Department On May 21, 2016

In Search of Excellence – Artistry

[section label=”What is Art” anchor=”art”] What is Art? In today’s world, with all the media present, the word art is being manipulated and abused. We all know this, but still, the question remains – what

Allan Tornsberg On Apr 21, 2016

Tips from the Giants – Bryan Watson

[section label=”Videos” anchor=”videos”] [section label=”Transcript” anchor=”transcript”] Pearl of Wisdom One thing that made a huge difference to me was that my teacher said to me: “The more restrictions I have the more freedom I will

WDC Education Department On Apr 04, 2016
Martha Harper


Partnership By Martha Harper Looking for a new partner?  What do you have in mind to find the right person, or more importantly, to be

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Brigitt Mayer

Cuban Experience # 1

Here’s my take on this beautiful experience, as it appeared in Dance Beat May 2014 Download here: Cuban Experience I Dance Beat May 2014

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Barry Gasson

Is There Really Anything New?

Is There Really Anything New? In today’s modern world of technology, there is a bewildering amount of information available to the dance aficionado. I can

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Ovidiu Ionel


“As a teacher and as a dancer I ask myself, why do I do this, why do I dance, why am I trying to lose

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Martha Harper

Teaching methods

“Let’s try that again . . .” “I’m not sure I understand; please repeat that.” (Hearing) “Maybe I better study the syllabus again.” (Reading) “Could

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Joel Minden

How To Get A Dancer’s Body

Dancers are known for their long, lean, and muscular bodies. A lifetime of dancing and proper nutrition might get you there but what can non-dancers

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