Month: February 2012

What is it About Blackpool?

A compilation of a variety of excerpts from Brigitt Mayer’s book Ballroom Icons regarding the magical appeal of the historic Blackpool Dance Festival.

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Whats behind the name of a figure? Compiled by Pedro Coimbra

As many other dancers and teachers I am curious and would like to know more about the origin of the names of the dance steps in Ballroom and Latin American Dances. Many of us would like to have a history book of Ballroom and Latin American Dances including a dictionary/thesaurus explaining the origin of the names of the steps.

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Temporality of the Dancing Body

This paper examines and highlights the importance of valuing the body as it gravitates towards maturity (or ‘otherness’) refuting the myth that people do not or should not dance as they get older. It offers, as context, some of the common cultural myths of the ageing and injured dancer, and examines the career reality.

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Dance Specific Fitness Tests

The Dance Specific Fitness Tests (DSFT) were developed by Dr Emma Redding and Dr Matt Wyon, which incorporate the Dance Aerobic Fitness Test (DAFT) as

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