From Ekaterina Lapaeva Poem About Sensuality

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From Ekaterina Lapaeva


In time,in space, in now,
The dance of life,the altered state.
Your heart,- your own drumbeat.
All senses are awake..

You see,you feel,you hear,
Returning back to present..
You had to leave in order to return.
You had to leave in order to be present.

The dance for you has sacred meaning.
You move between the earth and sky,
In space between the past and future
You sensually tasting time.

You move and treasure every moment,
And you rejoice,experience,live
In art of sensuality,eternal pleasure..,
In touch with passion,- own bliss.

In time,in space,in now
The state of being you express.
In touch with senses means eternity…
Of you…,-
Eternal sensuality of dance.

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