Poem from Ekaterina Lapaeva: As one with Nature and the Dance.

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Poem from Ekaterina Lapaeva 
As one with Nature and the Dance.

On the surface of deep existence 
Turn the moment, become what you wish.
The earth is exhausted of hearing talk,
Dance it, caress and kiss with your feet.

As a water rise up into the air
And fall back on earth as a rain.
Sudden flame appears as if from nowhere..
It forms, it burns and forces its way.

Moving beauty of nature, you dance
Formless and shapeless like water.
You are fierce as a fire and free as an air.
Behind the clouds everything blends…

One cannot live without another
Intertwining with each other in the journey of dance.
Spaced precisely in the designated areas
With no particular order, in no particular place.

The sound of water, the heat of the fire,
You twist and leap and turn and 
You are swirling, diving and splashing,
Carried away and trembling with joy.

To the sky, to the ocean, to the ground,
To the wind and to the leaves that make a sound.
To burn yourself in passion or to drawn,
Or just stand still, emerge yourself in serene colours.

All works in circled art of unison with nature.
You are the earth, the fire and the sky.
In formless form you are the masterpiece of nature.
You’re all and freely nothing…
You Are The Masterpiece Of Dance.


Ekaterina Lapaeva

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