Month: July 2012

Dance with the sense…By Ketevan Zazanashvili

If we talk about competitive dance sport, especially Latin discipline (mainly I will refer to it) we often hear when a trainer asks a couple to show more feelings, more sensuality, emotions. But have we asked ourselves what actually is sensuality? How it is interconnected with our mind?

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Changing the system of judging

In dancing judges have the final word and the main focus lies on the comparison of assessment and application  of skills of the competitors on the day. Declaring the winner by use of the skating system (in principle a majority decision). The judges will place the dancers in order of merit, not assess the individual quality, but the order. What better way to do this than by seeing all these couples at the same time, under the same conditions?

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The Sense and Nonsense of Doping, by Fred Bijster

The use of drugs in some sports is very easy to understand: sports where speed, power, endurance are prominent are good examples (athletics, biking, etc) to create positive effects on the results. Other sports where insight, coordination, artistry and finesse are more prominent will not lend themselves for the use of drugs to create a positive result.

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The Psychology of Top Performers

Top performers can be found in every organization. Those people who seem to be able to rise to the top no matter what obstacles they face along the way. How do they do it? This study looks at 10 key traits of top performers.

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The Absolute Importance of the Right Foot Walk

In the world of Ballroom Dancing, there are literally millions of variations, steps, figures, choreographic highlights, trick-steps etc. None of them come remotely close to the importance of the right foot walk, or more importantly, the differences that exist between the right foot  walks when performed in different dances.

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