Poem From Ekaterina Lapaeva

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As the song fills up the air
Like a magical perfume,
A new world reopens here,
What a powerful tune!!..All the senses get awakened,
Something’s changed inside of you,
All in one become you master
And the slave.The music-you..

When your fingers play piano
Use your foot as painter’s brush.
You poetically rhyme sounds
Time has stopped at once.No rush..

As an orchestra conductor
You direct your body parts,
And a soul as a chiffon
On the wind drapes free and laughs..

You become one with the music,
Let joy smile and let pain cry.
In the art of dance you’re free,
Rainbow colours in your eyes…

When your body writes unwritten
Who remembers teachers words?
All you do is feeling music
And expressing.. Just because…

Just because you feel so deeply..
Just because it’s in your pulse..
Just because you breathe the music..
Just because you’re free and lost!!..



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