Who was Alex Moore MBE? By Brigitt Mayer-Karakis

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Excerpts from Ballroom Icons    © Brigitt Mayer-Karakis

Alex Moore possessed talents that made him known as “the Pope of ballroom dancing.” A great communicator with an analytical mind and photographic memory, he used those skills to analyze movement, put his findings on paper and communicate them to the dance-world in his monthly newsletter, Monthly Letter Service (MLS). He gave the ballroom dance world a reference book that even today is studied for exams. The setup is so unique; it covers all technical aspects of the ballroom (Standard) dances using his well-known charts. He and Detlef Hegemann laid the groundwork for the then “joint committee” of the ICBD/ICAD, today’s World Dance Council, and the International DanceSport Federation….

1901– 1991

  • 1926 second in the World Championship
  • 1932 started to publish the Monthly Letter Service
  • 1936 published Ballroom Dancing
  • 1950 published the first edition of the Revised Technique of Ballroom Dancing
  • 1947–1976 chairman of the Imperial Society’s Ballroom Branch
  • 1954 first edition of Popular Variations
  • 1964–1979 elected president or chairman of the International Council of Ballroom Dancing (ICBD),today’s World Dance Council (WDC)
  • 1975 appointed Member of the British Empire
  • 1959, 1966, 1975 and 1979 Carl-Alan Award

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