The Way of Champion By Mikhail Radchenko

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Many people take sports ballroom dancing classes, but only some of them become champions. Though many want to become them. Someone looks for a justification in talent. But, as practice shows, those, who are just talented seldom achieve something, because the initial stages come very easily to them, but as soon as there comes time of serious and deep work, they avoid difficulties. And those who is ready to work over himself achieve heights.

So what is it  – “The way of champion”?

It is important to realize accurately that what made one, can always make another one. If one can become a champion, it can do another one. Question only is in how strong is his desire. But not the desire to become the champion, but desire “to do” to become the champion.

It is necessary to understand that while on trainings the dancer won’t do each action outside the maximum, he will never reach it. And, respectively, also won’t be able to expand the borders.

Possibilities of our body have no borders. Borders are created only by ourselves. While these borders exist in our consciousness, development doesn’t happen. It is impossible to lock ourselves in a frame. Yes, some borders of opportunities exist, but it is necessary to understand that they are elastic, as sheaves. They can be stretched. And each time during trainings it is necessary to look for the maximum and go over it. Only overcoming of maximum give increase in borders of opportunities.

It is also necessary to understand that these borders are not only physical, but also psychological.  While the beginning dancer will speak to himself “I’m just only a beginner” – he will remain a beginner, and won’t develop as the dancer.  It’s some kind of “excuse”.

The constant feeling yourself a champion is also very important. But it isn’t simple feeling “Hey, I am a champion”. This feeling needs to be put in each action, to represent what it has to be. This feeling has to get into each muscle, forcing it to work for 200%. Being in a training hall, even simply standing, it is impossible to dare to be not the champion.

Each time, entering a training hall, the dancer shall represent clearly why he came to training, what its goal and what he is going to improve today. And during all training he must work over it. Full concentration on the goal is necessary. Occasionally 2 hours spent in a hall, can cost 5. But only provided that these were 2 hours in full concentration. For the dancer from the moment of the beginning of training there shan’t be nobody, except him, his partner and the trainer. As each derivation requires twice bigger time for concentration restoration. If you distracted for 1 minute, 2 minutes are necessary to return full concentration again. Total 3 minutes are lost. And if such minutes for a lesson is 10? So 30 minutes are spent for nothing. And at the end of training it is important to ask yourself “what I made to become better today?”. It is necessary to mark that something became better, and that something did not. And, the most important WHY it didn’t turn out? After all very often ourselves are the reason of failure. Didn’t complete, didn’t achieve, forgave an error or negligence. And if really the reason in your “forgiveness”, don’t be afraid to admit it to yourself. Don’t look for justifications. This is “a way of the champion”

Any trainer won’t be able to make the champion. Only the dancer can make the dancer the champion. The task of the trainer only to show a way on which the dancer needs to go, but the trainer never will pass this way instead of the dancer. The trainer it only the guide as a ball from fairy tales, and here to follow this ball or not, quickly or slowly, is a choice of the dancer. Therefore the dancer can blame for his failures only himself.

There is such important thing as trust. Trust of the dancer to the trainer. Only completely trusting the trainer, performing all his jobs and recommendations, the dancer can improve himself. And to do it without asking “what for?”. Just do it, reaching and exceeding the maximum. It is some kind of deal. The dancer trusts and does, and the trainer shows the way. Only such cooperation give successful result.

Mikhail Radchenko

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