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Partnership By Martha Harper

Looking for a new partner?  What do you have in mind to find the right person, or more importantly, to be the right person?  The technical requirements for partnership I will leave to those with the credentials of dance education, training and experience.  What I will address in this article are aspects of personal and social concern.

Using the word “P A R T N E R,” I will break down seven elements of interest.

Perseverance – through good times and bad; willing to push through unexpected difficulties to achieve long range goals; flexible to adjust to any challenge.

Attitude – consistently projecting positive intent; always looking for the positive side of any issue, eager to see the best in any person or circumstance; willing to forgive and move forward.

Realistic – ability to maintain clarity in communication and decision making; can take a look at the “big picture” of a situation without letting go of hopes and dreams while addressing immediate needs; least likely to become defensive and will promote honesty.

Teachable – open to learn with a purpose to grow; listens to suggestions, seeking and exploring new options; desires to sharpen their skills daily to develop their dancing and improve your partnership.

Neutral – equalizes their emotions when it comes to a different opinion; may have a strong personality and/or convictions yet their self-image is not threatened by an alternative viewpoint; able to practice self-control and sincerely receive and respect others’ input.

Energetic – presents a daily upbeat demeanor (though not overpowering); enjoys fun and laughter in the process of practice, performance and competition; has a continuous desire to contribute whatever is required to fine tune the partnership.

Responsible – both personally and professionally aware and able to invest and maintain in the areas of communication, preparation, finances and disciplines of health.Whatever your standard or expectation, ballroom dancing takes two; your partner also has standards and expectations.  This is where synergy comes in.  Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines it as: a mutually advantageous conjunction or compatibility of distinct business participants or elements (as resources or efforts).  My instructor/partner consistently reminds me of two things: 1) we each need the energy input of the other, and 2) our combined efforts develop a creative and commanding performance in dance.

Please consider how you fit with another in consideration of Perseverance, Attitude, Reality, Teachable, Neutral, Energetic, and Responsible.  None of us are perfect, but the balance of two is a powerful unit!

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  1. Great article as it reinforces how important it is for dance partners to aways be in tune with their team member regardless of what is going on in “their world”.
    Thanks for asking for my comments-
    Always a pleasure!

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