Welcome to the WDC Education Department

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On behalf of the WDC I am absolutely delighted that the Education Department is moving the Amateur League and indeed the Professional Division into a new era.

Within the Education Department a most incredible array of expertise has been assembled. The entire Presidium and all departments continue to give the WDC Education Department our fullest support and backing in order that they may facilitate and service in the most comprehensive way, the benefits of all who love dance, a subject which has and continues to consume most of our lives.

The WDC is most proud to present this facility and we hope it is used to it’s fullest potential.

The encouragement and ease of information is a new horizon which will spread the quality, history and expertise of the World Dance Council and World Dance Council Amateur League on a broader canvass using technology and information in the most user-friendly format, allowing access to all.

Donnie Burns MBE,
President WDC


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