The Cuban Motion

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Cuban Motion: The “ figure 8 “ pattern.

Cuban Motion is a movement where the pelvic bone moves sideways in a pendulum movement, for then to continue a backward rotary movement in the end.

It is important to understand that this movement should NOT be produced by usage of legs only.


Cuban Rocks 2341

Body movements can be grouped into different categories: those who belong to the basic action, such as hip movements and timed upper Body movements related to Hip Actions. Sometimes we will have to distinguish the difference between a hip action and a hip reaction

An exercise is to stand in a straight legged Latin cross position RF forward and neutral hips.

By activating the lateral Lumbar muscle and the inner pelvic muscles on the left side, proceed to lift the left hip up. Go on by trying to rotate it backward. Then relax the hip- lifting muscle and allow for the right hip to settle down boned over the RF, even rotating the hip backward while bringing the left foot ( LF) in to a pointed high foot position brushing to the right foot ( RF )
Then repeat

Another Action to exercise would be the lady’s “Cuban Motion “on both sides of the body while standing on one leg. (Over the standing leg)

Point the foot of the free leg in a high position, brushing the foot to the foot of the standing leg.

Start with the hip down in a boned position, then proceed to activate the hip lifting muscles and lift the hip on the free side of the free leg upward into a “ CREATIVE “ Cuban Motion – changing levels on the way up ( 2&3 41 ) for then to return to boned position again .

Forward Walk Turning – with creative hip movement

Another interesting exercise is a Forward Walk Turn, using an opposing “ high hip” at the moment of turn for then to settle down over the standing leg in a boned action at the end
A great sense of the “ figure 8” appears through upper body hip lifting actions, as well as settled boned hip actions.

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