New Committee Member: David Sycamore

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Dear Friends,

The WDC Education Department strives towards maintaining an interest in sustaining, developing and growing our beautiful dance form. We feel a deep passion towards the Art of Ballroom Dancing.

As with any art form, we must keep the flame burning for future generations. Without development most products have an expiration date. The responsibilities lie primarily with teachers and educators, yet decisions will inevitably be determined by future champions as these gather knowledge and data along their dance journeys. We are here to help stimulate and promote excellence in education for the World Dance Council and Amateur League community.
We have many exciting news for 2015.
For the first time since the birth of the WDC Education Department, we are going to tour in order to reach out on a more personal level. We believe a closer connection to our members will enable us to better understand the current needs of dancers, teachers, educators and adjudicators worldwide.

We are more than pleased to announce The 2015 Congress Tour. This year’s theme will be:

“ In search of Excellence”.

The Congress will be available at 4 locations worldwide starting in the Summer of 2015. The selected events, locations and details will be announced shortly, stay tuned over the next months. We are specifically intending on reaching out to young professionals and current competitors whom have just embarked on their journeys of contributing to the develop of our industry. However we welcome with open arms all members interested in bettering their skills.

The WDC ED committee is always in search of furthering our own expertise. We proudly welcome David Sycamore to our team. We thank you, David, for your contribution and continued interest in the growth of the department.

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