PARTNERSHIP (for Young Dancers)

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P A R T N E R S H I P (for young dancers)

Our youth reflect the energy, culture and future of our existence and that of ballroom dancing. Following a visit to a successful and progressive dance studio in Canada, I developed an educational vision of “Partnership” for our young dancers. Please consider the following:

Do you “strut your stuff” or do you project confidence and pride in your partner as well as yourself?
Are you aware and sensitive to the strengths and weaknesses of your partner and eager to help when needed?
Do you express honest, real feelings to your partner when you are struggling with your lessons or performance?
Are you on time for lessons allowing extra to practice and be better prepared?
Do you always think of your needs first or have you ever asked your partner if they had a good day at school?
Are you patient if your instructor doesn’t give equal time to you, but takes a little more time to work with your partner?
Do you listen to your teacher and respect the things they tell you as being valuable to both you and your partner?
Are you willing to share your time, fun and energy with your partner?
Do you enjoy dancing; are you happy and working with your partner for the best performance?
Are you studying hard at school so you will be balanced and a more whole person for your partner?
Do you honor your parents’ sacrifices of time, money and effort? Both sets of parents deserve frequent thanks as they partner with you in your dancing.


To Studio Managers and Instructors: I admire and respect your patience and persistence in communicating your passion for dance to our youth. If you find any of these questions challenging or encouraging, please share them with your students.

Thank you, Martha Harper

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