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Pearl of Wisdom

The first pearl of wisdom one of my teachers mentioned to me was that you must always think about how you appear on the floor and off the floor. So when you are competing, compete as best you can, when you are off the floor remember you are still being judged, because a judge will see you anytime, any place, anywhere.

Disappointment on Bad Results

We could not deal with a bad result very well, it was always a pain, but we felt that obviously we were successful, very successful actually, so the winning part so of outbalanced the bad part, the negatives, the losing. But to be a winner you have to be a loser too, so I think the losing actually helped us become champions!

Advice to Pupils on How to Take Private Lessons

For a lesson to be prepared totally have project, an idea of what you want to work on and have some questions in mind for both the lady and the man’s point of view.


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