Tips from the Giants – Sergey Surkov

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Pearl of Wisdom

The biggest point that became clear to us, when we started working with Tone Nyhagen, our main coach, was that there is much more to the dancing than technique and mechanics. There is the performance, there is the volume, stillness, there is much more characterization of the dance. This was for me the most eye- opening point as I was always a very mechanical dancer so for me this was the most interesting subject.


On Today’s dancing

I think in todays’ dancing there is much ability of the peoples’ bodies, the speed element and the mechanical work, people are more dedicated to the mechanic of the body, but I think what is missing are characters of the past. I have grown up watching videos of the past champions, who had more character and creativity. Those points I think are missing in today’s dancing.

Disappointment on Bad Results

All failures, actually I think all dancers had failures and moments of feeling they failed, in their dancing careers. I think the way to deal with failures is to take it as a learning process. I think if you never make a mistake you never learn anything. So for me it was very important to make mistakes. Once I made a mistake I knew not to go that way and the learning progress was much faster. Do not be afraid, be brave and take it as a learning experience as you are definitely not going to make the same mistake again.


Advice to Pupils on How to Take Private Lessons

The couple should be prepared when they come to a lesson with what they want to improve on, with what they think are their mistakes, with what they want  to be better at and to not expect from their teacher to do it for them. They have to know in their mind what they would like to achieve, what they want to show, what they want to present, how they want to develop and therefore the teacher is their to guide them and not to do it for them. To conclude there has to be more of a thought process when they come for a lesson.

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One Response

  1. The Greek poet, Κavafis said it best:
    “Όταν χορεύεις, γράφεις στη γη αυτά που θέλει να πει η ψυχή σου.” ~Κωνσταντίνος Καβάφης
    “When you dance, you write that which your soul wants to say.”

    I feel that this is missing from today’s dancing.

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