Tips from the Giants – Melia

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One piece of info that your teacher told you that made a difference on your dance career:


I think it is a very difficult question, as we as dancers go through waves of progress and developing ourselves, so our priorities and problems change with time. Sergey and myself have been very privileged to work with some incredible teachers in our dancing career and they all have always been very supportive of us and given great words of advice depending on time and the necessity and the problems we were dealing with at the time. So it is very difficult to pinpoint one thing


Today’s dancing what is better and are some things worse:


Looking at today’s dancing I am amazed with the incredible potential and the talent of the peoples’ bodies, the abilities of the dancers bodies of today. We have so much more athletic bodies the mechanical skills are so fabulous on todays competition floor, which we could also witness tonight at the Parisworlds here in Disney.  However I must say, dear Vibeke, since I was young around the age of 15 years old and saw you dance and the other incredible ladies with mega personalities in our dancing business, Gaynor Fairweather, Carmen Vincelj, yourself, Barbara McColl, Shirley Ballas I really must say that I am missing strong personalities on the floor. I do believe that we all have certain characters, but maybe in a rush to create speed and make everything fast people don’t stop to think what they would actually like to create, what is their presence and what personality they would like to portray on the floor. This element I do miss.


How to take a private lesson:


I think you always have to be prepared for your lessons and therefore you for sure have to trust your coach and speak to this person because this person, who you trust, who is your main teacher, that person will know what is the direction you need to take. Therefore prepare yourself the questions or the priorities you want to improve upon and please always take advice from you coach.


How to deal with a bad result and disappointment:


I think any really successful dancer and any really successful person in life in general, whether in sport, dancing or business, will have to fail in order to get up and proceed to fight for their dreams. My advice is: please believe in yourself and in what you do. Never look for the obstacles of your failure, but always look for the way to improve yourself and make yourself better. Never give Up!!!!


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