Tips from the Giants – Meryem Pearson

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How to deal with bad results and disappointment:

If you are going to get yourself involved in any sort of competition, you have to be able to face the result and competition is competition. If you cannot deal with that, stay out of it. Don’t do it. It is only there for people, who have the guts to do and they don’t fear the challenge. So if you cannot handle it, don’t do it, you will be disappointed more often than happy!!!

But if you are a fighter, you will win and you will get where you want.

How to take a private lesson:

Well, if you are smart, you will listen to the information, digest it and apply it. If you are not so smart you will book about 10 lessons in one day and go back home. The next day you will not know what the lessons were all about yesterday. So all you need is one lesson once a while with the right people and you listen and you apply it. As simply as this!!!

Is there one point of information your teacher told you that made a big difference in your dance career?

A few elements that I was teaching a long time ago and I still teach today to the people that I am coaching.

The most important one I believe is, I remember my teacher used to say: If you have a bad transfer of weight, something is going to look wrong”.

So the transfer of weight to me is absolutely important as nothing else will work if you don’t do it right. Also to me the beauty of feet and legs, plus alignment of leg and the alignment of feet. If you don’t have it naturally or by training, then you can learn it if someone takes the time to teach you this the right way. It makes a big difference on the look of a dancer and also when something looks right on you, it is usually right.

Looking at today’s dancing are some things worse and what is better?

Actually it is not worse. I feel that here Is not much difference, except that the dancers are more grounded and they are trying to also be more fluid in their bodies.

We used to dance, a little bit stiff I would say, it seemed like we were dancing with 20 rules! Now there is a certain freedom that the dancers can express themselves with, which I love, I think it open up for more artistry in their dancing and it gives you style as well. It goes with the time as well. What we used to do 25 years ago is one thing and we were influenced by some people obviously plus music. Now the music has changed and we as dancers do change. There difference, there a some very good things and a few bad things but it is not worse, it is getting better!!!!

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