Tips from the Giants – Meryem Pearson

[section label=”Videos” anchor=”videos”] [yottie channel=”” source_groups=”” header_visible=”false” header_layout=”minimal” content_columns=”2″ content_rows=”2″ content_gutter=”10″ content_responsive=”%7B%22480%22%3A%7B%22columns%22%3A%221%22%2C%22rows%22%3A%224%22%2C%22gutter%22%3A%2210%22%7D%7D” color_groups_link_active=”rgb(0, 96, 255)” color_groups_highlight_active=”rgb(0, 74, 255)”] [section label=”Transcript” anchor=”transcript”] How to deal with bad results and disappointment: If you are going to get yourself involved in any sort of competition, you have to be able to face the result and competition is competition. … Continue reading Tips from the Giants – Meryem Pearson