Mind, Body & Soul: Quantum Dancing by Damir Karaman

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Quantum Dancing


Personal Experience

Becoming a great dancer is not an easy thing to do. Achieving extraordinary performance is something that every growth oriented individual strive for, dancer or not. I have been involved with competitive dancing in different roles for more than 25 years.

I have always embraced challenge and dancing was definitely on a top of that list. I started late (18 years old) so my challenges had some elements that not everybody who started in their childhood had to experience.

I have felt off balance and out of control quite often, but couldn’t quite recognize what was going on. There was no obvious problem or cause. I recognized at the time that there was more to this than meets the eye. After having lessons with two of my teachers that clearly divided muscular and energetic structure, for the first time for me there was the light on the end of a tunnel and I got inspired to understand what else is in play.

Meaning of the Words


Synonymous -Real, Genuine, True

  • having an origin supported by unquestionable evidence
  • share the sense of actuality and luck of falsehood or misrepresentation
  • undisputed origin and not a copy



  • Process of making known one’s thoughts or feelings
  • The look on someone’s face that conveys a particular emotion
  • The act of saying what you think or showing how you feel by using words or actions



The Smallest bit of something that can possibly exist.
– QUANTA (plural of quantum) are pockets of this subatomic energy:

  • waves and particles
  • mass and non-mass
  • matter and non-matter
  • it is measurable and immeasurable
  • real and not real
  • visible and not visible
  • physical and non-physical
  • it is completely “opposite”


All at the same time inherently dualistic
Contrary to the current laws of physics


Authentic Self-Expression

  • Quantum Dancing brings awareness to less obvious factors that impact you on human level as a person, dancer, in functionality of your relationships and dance partnerships.
  • By bringing awareness to those factors it will help you develop more authentic self expression.

Quantum dancing is a method and attempt  to bring awareness to those other, less obvious factors, that impact our dancing, balance and performance. Those factors include:

  • Language
  • Emotions
  • Personality
  • Our Thoughts

Understanding those hidden causes that are present in everything that we do, will help us develop our dancing and partnership and empower us to discover and share our true, authentic self-expression.
Before we explain each of the hidden factors individually we need to understand some basic philosophies behind this concepts.


Principles of TAOISM and I CHING that are explaining concept of Oneness, Energies Yin-Yang and their impact on humanity.




Taoism, along with Confucianism and Buddhism is one of the three great philosophies of China
TAO can be translated as “PATH”

According to TAO:

  • Everything that exist is of “ONE PIECE”
  • Everything that exist is meaningfully interrelated
  • There is interrelationship that occurs between many aspects of life that we normally do not associate with one another
  • There is an Energy “Qi” that flows through everything and encompasses all material and non-material phenomena in creation



  • “Qi” is intangible, invisible but powerful energy that flows through everything in universe
  • “Qi” encompasses all material and non-material phenomena in creation
  • It is universal state existing everywhere
  • “Qi” is created by interaction by two opposing but complimentary forms of Energy:
    • Yang-Great Ultimate (Masculine energy)
    • Yin-Ultimate Nothingness (Feminine Energy)
  • Quality of “Qi” is determined by particular balance of Yin and Yang
  • Quality of “Qi” reflect your Thoughts, Emotions and Personality

I Ching

  • I Ching is study of change
  • It deals with concepts of Yin and Yang, their interactions and impact on humanity
  • Change is process of transformation of Yin into Yang and Yang into Yin
  • I Ching See value for human beings to experience relationship between both life energies (Yin state and Yang state)
  • “REAL HUMAN BEING” is considered to be balanced combination of those two levels of experience
  • The aim of I Ching is to help us become “Real Human Being”, fully awake and capable of exercising FREE WILL

Yin & Yang Energies

Yin and Yang are not precisely defined, but at most basic level, Yin corresponds with feminine, passive energy and flexibility and Yang corresponds with male aggressive energy and firmness of will.



  • Heaven
  • Masculine
  • Activity
  • Movement
  • Heat
  • Exterior
  • Outward
  • Up
  • Full energy
  • Light
  • Warmth
  • Dryness
  • Aggression
  • Odd numbers
  • Summer
  • Youth
  • Increase
  • Left brain


  • Earth
  • Feminine
  • Passivity
  • Stillness
  • Cold
  • Interior
  • Inward
  • Down
  • Hidden Potential Energy
  • Dark
  • Coldness
  • Wetness
  • Yielding
  • Even Numbers
  • Winter
  • Old Age
  • Decrease
  • Right Brain

Yin & Yang as a driving force behind hidden factors


Based on the quality of the “Qi” that floes through our body, we can be in the one of the following states of being:

  • Predominantly Yang
  • Predominantly Yin
  • Real Human Being (Balanced combination of Yin and Yang)

How does Quality of “Qi” (State of Being) impact less obvious factors?

  • Most of us are either in predominantly Yang or predominantly Yin state
  • We are extension of that predominant energy and take an attributes and manifestation of that energy in physical reality
  • As a result, we are off balance in certain direction
  • Our strengths are result of that energy, and so are our weaknesses
  • As long as we are off balance, we are unable to exercise free will or be truly authentic.
Less Obvious Factors

Woman clinging to branch on cliff

  • Language
    • Push
    • Go
    • Lean forward

    Some words balance us, while some put us off balance
    For example:Predominantly Yang person- already toward their toes as a result of that energy. Using words such as: push, go, lean forward… are going to put this person further of the foot, so their chances of experiencing leg that they are coming from and completing necessary action on it are very slim. Extending present moment to different depth is very improbable.
    Words that would keep that person balanced would be: extend, or anything that has lasting quality.

  • Emotions
    • Eagerness
    • Desire
    • Fear

    Different emotions will affect us differently, but we will definitely feel their influence:
    Eagerness – Weight too far forward
    Desire- Weight too far forward
    Fear-Weight towards back of the foot (usually)…

  • Personality
    • Predominantly Yang
    • Predominantly Yin
    • Solution and balancing

    Our personality is reflection of the quality of Qi that is flowing through our body. For example:
    Predominantly Yang- Off balance toward front of the foot: jittery, aggressive, active, restless, full of energy, youthful…
    Finding comfort in added activity and movement.
    Predominantly Yin- Off balance towards back of the foot: hesitant, passive, yielding, still…
    Finding comfort in passivity and stillness.
    Solution and balancing-Exactly opposite

  • Thoughts
    • Thoughts are extension of predominant energy

    Our thoughts are extension of predominant energy that we are focusing on. As such they are reconfirming and adding to our off balance state
    For example:
    In predominant Yang state we are dealing with full energy. As a result, our thoughts are going to be about going somewhere. That will cause us to go off balance, since we have two forces moving in same direction: physical body and energy of the thought.
    To have our thoughts work for us, we have to take approach where direction of our thought is going into opposite direction from the movement of our physical body.


What can we do about it?

Who we are is what we bring everywhere:

  • our dealings with others
  • elationships
  • work and family
  • our dancing
  • dance partnership

As long as we are off balance as a result of being in one of the predominant Yang or Yin states, we can’t be truly authentic.

To enable Authentic Mode, we have to go through the process of transformation of Yin to Yang or Yang to Yin We named that process: INTEGRATION OF SELF

Integration of Self

Integration of Self
By integrating what has been separated, or experiencing both levels of experience, we will change our perception of:
TIME: I am the music, so I can slow down or speed up as I choose
MATTER: I am the Floor-Grow energetic Roots
SPACE: I am the space-Exist everywhere simultaneously

Concept of time

If we ask 100 different dancers to dance same piece of choreography to the same piece of music, we will notice that some of them have no time to complete what they intended to, some are just making it and some have plenty of time and more…

True, they are probably at different skill level, but more importantly their relationship with time is very different. How do we relate to the Time determines nature of our performance and challenges that we will encounter while dancing.

External Concept of Time (Doing Mode)


  • Time is moving in linear fashion with past behind, present moment and future ahead
  • It is something outside of ourselves that we are subjected to and can’t do anything about
Internal Concept of Time (Being Mode)


  • I am the Time and Time is Me
  • Since there is no separation, I can speed myself up or slow myself down anytime I choose to.
  • Present moment is relative, has multiple layers of depth and can be extended indefinitely


  • Looking at the music linearly and something outside of ourselves that we are subjected to and can’t do anything about
  • We follow the music- Statement that underline that I am already behind (to follow is to be behind)
  • My chances of being musical are greatly diminished
  • I engage in “struggle” with the Music that is my “enemy” that doesn’t let me express (Music is either too fast or too slow).


  • I am the Music and Music is Me
  • I can slow myself down or speed myself up anytime I choose to
  • I am present moment and have multiple layers of depth
  • When we practice internal concept long enough, you can actually feel music slowing down to almost distortion. With all that time available, we can produce pretty much anything
Concept of Matter
External Concept
  • Everything and everybody is separated and clearly defined
  • I am dancing on the floor and don’t have physical roots that provide stability
  • Anytime I move, I am subjected to current laws of Physics including Momentum (Inertia) and there is nothing that I can do about it
Internal Concept
  • I am One with everything, I am You and You are Me
  • I am the Floor and Floor is Me
  • Since I am the Floor, I am inside the floor and at no point there is a separation
  • To be one with the floor, we have to utilize our mind in specific way that creates duality of movement and non-movement
  • Furthermore- by integrating concept of the space, we don’t travel, we are here, then we are there
  • “How do I know that I am 100%? The best way that I can explain it to you is that I feel my legs under me.” –(Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant)
Concept of Space
  • I am the Space and Space is Me
  • If I am space than I am here and there at same time.
  • I exist simultaneously everywhere.
  • I am present in all three dimensions and everything in between.
  • Nature of my movement is multidimensional duality


What does it mean to be a Real Human being


“Everything in nature is looking for their balance”
-Mr.Miyagi-Karate Kid

Evolution of Partnership

Three Phases of partnership:
Based on the quality of Qi that flows through our body, we form and attract partnerships that can be categorized in 3 different phases:

  1. Codependence 1+1=1
  2. Independence 1+1=2
  3. Synergy 1+1 ≥ 4,5…
Phase I – Codependence 1+1=1

In Phase one of the partnership, we are predominantly Yin or Yang and we will attract person that is exactly opposite than us ,and represents our missing half. Together, we integrate into Whole.

  • Yin+Yang=YinYang
  • Opposites attract to integrate into whole
  • Relationship based on need and survival
  • Nature of the relationship: Power struggle
  • Question: Can I do it?
  • Being: I am not (good) enough
  • Off balance by error
  • We advance by our strengths
  • Great learning opportunity
  • Dance partnership: loss of balance, physicality, struggle in communication
  • Excellent learning opportunity: WHAT WE ARE MISSING IS RIGHT INFRONT OF US.
  • Love relationship: Playing hard to get, who is going to call first… all in purpose to get other person of balance so they become predictable and we feel safe by having upper hand in relationship
Phase II – Independence 1+1=2


  • In this phase of partnership we focus on raising our “weakness” to the level of our strengths. Otherwise, we are developing half that we are missing. This phase is uncomfortable since what we need to do is exactly opposite from what we want to do “voluntarily chosen limitations empower your growth” –I Ching
  • (Watch video Tips from Giants-Bryan Watson on Freedom and Discipline)
  • Internal Balancing consist of transforming predominant energy into it’s opposite:
    • Masculine-to Feminine (develop capacity to support)
    • Feminine- to Masculine (develop earning( impact) capacity)
  • At this point we are a balanced combination of the two level of experience, or as I Ching call it “Real Human Being”.
  • This transformation enable us to exercise Free Will, as well as sets foundation for Authentic Self-Expression
  • Dance partnership:
    • Each partner is “whole” individually, doing what they are supposed to but unable to relate.
    • “Can I do it” is answered into “Yes I can”
Phase III – Synergy 1+1 ≥ 4,5…
  • In this phase of partnership, two individuals dancing together are producing more then each of them individually could.
  • It is built on independence as a foundation with two added ingredients: Trust and Vulnerability.
  • Each person is internally balanced and trusts themselves, so they are confident about “putting” themselves in other persons hands.
  • Going off balance BY CHOICE to produce more impact and magic in dancing
  • Question is: How far do I want to take it?
  • Authentically fully self-expressed

Conclusion & Practical Advise

Unfortunately, in today’s dancing, there is lot’s of blame going around and it is always someone’s else’s fault. Often, by the time we go through argument, precious practice time is usually wasted without reaching evident solution and hard feelings continue long afterwards.

Attempt of this lecture is to provide a different angle and tool for dancers and teachers, so they can better diagnose what is really going on, since sometimes addressing only physical aspect doesn’t provide necessary solution to the problem. Information in this lecture should help you with following:

  • Recognizing where are you at in evolution process to Real Human Being
  • Understand yourself better
  • Identify the gap between who you are (where are you at) and who you want to be (Where do you want to be)
  • Give you a clear guideline how to bridge the difference

This understanding should empower you to take ownership in everything that you are and that you are not and inspire you to live life at 100% responsibility- life in which you are causing everything in your life, all the positive things and everything that is missing.
It should help you to choose to accept that your partner is perfect for you because of their imperfection and vice versa. And finally, it should inspire you to take and embrace the process and journey from wherever you are all the way to outer limits of synergy.

If you choose to add a spiritual development together with your dedication to the physical requirements, you may achieve something that not many before you had.

Either way, even if you can identify with some of the theories, not only success at the end, but whole journey to that point will be more enjoyable and you may be ready to comprehend and apply information you receive in a shorter amount of time.

Our advice to the teachers would be to: consider that what ever is happening with dancers at the time, might have a non-physical cause. The best way to know if that’s the case, is that by addressing physical body only, problem doesn’t disappear but persist or just take a different form. If your student is anxious to be ahead of everybody than they have to increase depth of patience to achieve that.

There is a lot more to be said about this model, and we will continue to explore it in Quantum Dancing Part 2.
We hope that following videos are examples how to practice time, space and matter, that this help you somewhat on your dance journey and make your life a little bitt easier. Our ultimate goal is to help you discover and share your authentic excellence. Keep dancing!!!!

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