Scottish Nationals, British Closed Championships, a finalist for years in the circuit Grand Slam dance (Wolds, European, UK, Blackpool Open, International).

“Dance is life and joy! and I can not live without it.
For 54 years, I  breath every form of dance and sports: ballet, modern, jazz, tap, gymnastics, dance, Latin American and Ballroom etc etc.
I’m fanatical about my work and any type of discipline or movement, I study and try to enrich my knowledge and teach it to others.
My philosophy in life is “THERE IS NO NEGATIVITY, ONLY LESSONS OF LIFE.” I view myself a good student and a hard worker. As a teacher, I am considered to be amongst the best coaches in the world today, and I’m proud of that. Many sacrifices and passion … this is my job! “
Carolyn Smith

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