Charlotte Jorgensen – Time to reflect

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My husband always tell me, that there are many things in our lives, that we can loose and then find again…

You can loose a necklace and find it again. 

You can loose money and make money back again.

You can find love, loose love and find another love again.  

But time – time is precious – time can never be made again, once it has passed… And at this particular moment in time, that we are all sharing all over the world, we have been given the gift of time.  Time to slow down, time to sit quietly, time to assess and reassess our life, our choices, ourselves… And because there is no place to rush to; no competition to dance; no lesson to go to; no costume to design; no flight to catch – because all of these things temporarily have been put on hold – we have been given the gift to slow down.   In slowing down it becomes so clear, how much there is to be grateful for…  The teachers, who came before us,  without whom, we would not have had the chance to grow.  The mentors, who said the difficult words, when we least wanted to hear them, yet with time recognizing, they were of course, correct. The fellow competitors, who pushed us to be a better version of ourselves each and every day we practiced.  The families and friends, whom often didn’t see us, but always loved and supported us more than one could ever expect. The various partners over the years; each and every one played a role in fulfilling the journey through dancing.   And then there is dancing itself.  It has been a constant companion for me through everything life has sent my way.  It has been there for me like a diary, where you write your innermost secrets.  It has provided refuge for me, when my life gave me hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes – it has been, and still is, my life…

Finally to the students, that I have been fortunate enough to teach.  From the bottom of my heart – I miss you.  I always knew, I loved teaching, but I totally underestimated how much you are all feeding me every single day, as I teach.  You inspire me and you give me such joy – for this I am eternally grateful, because dancing lives on and on and on…..  You will all be back soon in the ballroom but until then, use this time you are given, to reflect on how you have spent your time this far – and what dreams and passions there still are to pursue and turn into reality.

For me, I will turn my attention to going back to teaching again – that is 3rd Grade and homeschooling my daughter…  
Until we meet again…

I leave you with a favorite song of mine – Billy Porter’s “Time


What is time?
Is it the autumn leaves that change?
Or the snow that floats from the sky

What is Time?
Is it the air we breathe?
Or the wings that teach
The new born bird to fly

Who can tell?
I don’t know
Will we change?
Will we grow?

What is time?
Is it eternity
In heaven
Or just a hope for peace on earth

Where’s the time
Gone in a blink of an eye
But with every blink
a birth

We live
We learn
We love
In time
We give
We urn
We grow

In time

Time for change
Its time to care
It’s not too late
Don’t despair
Reach inside your heart

To find the joy and love
To share with all mankind
For all we know
All we have
Is time

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2 Responses

  1. So so true!
    Thanks Charlotte, you are indeed one of a kind…
    Your abilities of being so “normal” and connected with the real world where being a ballroom Hero doesn’t make you different then others are admirable.
    Thank you for your wisdom and your passion,
    hope to be able to dance with you soon again.
    Love 💕

  2. What a lovely reflection, dear Charlotte. I miss you, too, as a student and a friend.
    It’s been several years since Martin and I have been able to compete, and the dance world seems to be slowly receding into the past, no matter how much we loved it. But I’m glad you tried your hand at writing, and hope you write more, especially of things you’ve learned from your various teachers and partners.

    Maybe some day you’ll finish reading my book and tell me what you think of it. It only took about 15 years to put into writing. Not full time, but always in the back of my mind.

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