Author: Fred Bijster


Dance Master Pilot Program

Project Dance Masters Education Program In 2012 Dance Masters started their new education to become a dance teacher in Holland as a pilot project also

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The Adrenaline Boost

“Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)” is a song composed by Irving Berlin for the 1946 Broadway musical, “Annie Get Your Gun”. During

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The Dutch Chi

Everybody will at a certain time be curious about his of her roots and try to connect it to his or her personality, national identity

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Evolution versus Design

Humans, like all living creatures, are the result of evolution, not of design. If we were, we would probably look totally different. Still not many

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More is less…, by Fred Bijster

[wide/] More is less… In ancient Greece some great philosophers influenced the thinking of mankind, even of nowadays. One of their important concepts (Plato) is

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Changing the system of judging

In dancing judges have the final word and the main focus lies on the comparison of assessment and application  of skills of the competitors on the day. Declaring the winner by use of the skating system (in principle a majority decision). The judges will place the dancers in order of merit, not assess the individual quality, but the order. What better way to do this than by seeing all these couples at the same time, under the same conditions?

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