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The Absolute Importance of the Right Foot Walk

In the world of Ballroom Dancing, there are literally millions of variations, steps, figures, choreographic highlights, trick-steps etc. None of them come remotely close to the importance of the right foot walk, or more importantly, the differences that exist between the right foot  walks when performed in different dances.

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Technique: A practical approach By Alexander Hoffmann

It is my deepest conviction that many dancers don’t tap their full potential, and that this is mainly due to monotonous and one-sided training. Many dancers will experience an unbelievable amount of progress if they follow modern and scientifically proven ways of training.

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Technique: A Theoretical Approach, by Alexander Hoffmann

In ‘target orientated’ techniques we see a functional movement with a clearly defined target to perform. Here, it is not judged how a movement itself is executed. However in combination sports, technique is not just the means to end on but a means of artistic expression and a criterion for judging.

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From Keith Morris “What is a Slow”

Much has been said on these pages and others regarding the timing or the lack of it these days, in Slow fox and Quickstep a slow relates to two beats and a quick one beat (4/4). But what does slow and quick mean in terms of relative time?

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Leading and Following, by Benoit Papineau

Done correctly, leading and following could, like no other, elevate ballroom dancing to the level of an art form.  Done correctly, leading and following could, like no other, bring an undeniable clarification of the equality of the genders.

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Steve Powell on Quickstep

By Steve Powell Having been fortunate enough to adjudicate the early sessions of the recent British Open Dance Festival, I was able to witness, up

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Donnie Burns M.B.E on Technique

Brilliance of fundamental principles will only ever allow more power, more speed, more options better balance and a much more commanding presence and performance as an inherent part of dance.

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