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The Role of the Man in Ballroom Dancing

What are the qualities and priorities of an experienced male ballroom dancer? What is expected of him and what are the ultimate goals he should have acquired during his years of intense learning and practice? Some thoughts on this topic by Anthony Hurley.

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Anthony Hurley on Tango

From Education Master Anthony Hurley Ever wondered why some couples have a natural aptitude for creating the atmosphere and control whilst producing the staccato action

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Technique, Riccardo & Yulia

If you don’t have a clear picture of what your dance should look like in four dimensional space, you will most likely produce a muddled image regardless of your technical skills. And, if you can’t execute, you will not be able to breathe life into the beautiful picture floating in your head.

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Technique, from Alan Shingler

By Alan Shingler, January 2012

 Human Movement I believe that we must use the universal force of gravity to influence all of our movement. 


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