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Evolution versus Design

Humans, like all living creatures, are the result of evolution, not of design. If we were, we would probably look totally different. Still not many

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The Road Maps

The Road Maps [section label=”Are We Having Fun” anchor=”fun”] I. “Are We Having Fun Yet?” It’s all about attitude and the customer/student. You think it’s

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Authenticity versus Commercialism

Abstract In the previous article, “Authenticity versus Commercialism,” I took the initiation to portray in words an existing issue of today’s competitive dancing. Part 1

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It Takes Two To Tango

When I was competing what now feels like 100 years ago, Tango was at one stage my worst marked dance. So I spent quite some

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What is art?

In today’s world, with all the media present, the word art is being manipulated and abused. We all know this, but still, the question remains – what is art, really?

The word art, as a translation from Latin, in the beginning meant purely the skill, the craft of being able to produce or perform a “piece”.

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