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Dancers’ Professional Ethics

Professional ethics comes into view when we start to ponder about the principles of working in a certain profession, when we realize that society has some specific expectations regarding the representatives of a profession, and that it demands ethical attitudes and behavior from them. For that reason, professional ethics attempts to answer the question who a person working in a certain profession is and who that person should be.

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Homogenization: the Catalyst for Artistic Stagnation By Frank Regan

This is one of the negative aspects of human nature that “quelle surprise” has invaded the dance community.  Needless to say, it is all too obvious in the competitive dance world where all the dancers start to look the same and the fundamental character is lost as a result of an immature intention to get noticed.

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Temporality of the Dancing Body

This paper examines and highlights the importance of valuing the body as it gravitates towards maturity (or ‘otherness’) refuting the myth that people do not or should not dance as they get older. It offers, as context, some of the common cultural myths of the ageing and injured dancer, and examines the career reality.

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Unfortunately the word authenticity has somewhat become almost a cliche in today’s dance world. Perhaps a word we have used without fully understanding the deeper meaning of, and therefore are running the risk of misinterpreting it.

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