Armin Kappacher

Full Bio

Armin Kappacher, who is Austrian in decent, danced for Austria during his Amateur competitive career. At age 21 Armin relocated to America and competed professionally in The US becoming the North American Rising Star Champion.
Shortly hereafter he made a career choice and purchased two Fred Astaire Dance Studios in the Boston area, which he operated for 18 years. He is currently running teacher-training programs for Fred Astaire New England.
Alongside his business interests, Armin has been the Latin Coach for the MIT Ballroom Dance team for the past 13 years specializing in educating non-dancers into competitive dancers. His dedication to the team and their development has produced several US National Pre-Champ level champions.
Armin studied with only the best International Style Latin American dance experts for years in London during his amateur career and continued exploring the ever-evolving principals of dance even after his own career ended. His deep passion into the details of body movement combined with his love for Ballroom dancing took him over the past decade on a journey to explore more in depth Body Work Techniques and Theories. He is a certified Zen-Therapist and has pronounced experience in the Feldenkrais Method. He has been one of the very few and “chosen” students to have worked personally with the late Emilie Conrad studying Continuum Movement.
Other interests include Web and Mobile Application development.